Stop Smoking with Dan Vitchoff's 33 Method Stop Smoking Hypnosis Programs


You can Quit the Smoking Habit without Gaining Weight

You can Stop Smoking without replacing it with Chewing Tobacco, Cigars or Other Quit Smoking Aids

Free Yourself From Nicotine, Tobacco and Cigarettes Forever

Our Stop Smoking Programs are designed to: 
Help you become completely comfortable as a non-smoker for the rest of your life.
Help you through every stage of quitting smoking from the preparation phase all the way through to making sure you are finally free of cravings for tobacco and cigarettes forever.

1. NO Withdrawal
2. NO Cravings
3. NO Weight Gain

We know how it is, you know you need to quit and on some level your really want to quit, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to get past the cravings and desires to smoke. Whether you fall victim to stress or being around someone whose smoking, our hypnosis programs can help you become a non-smoker for the rest of your life. We can even help you stop smoking without gaining weight. Thousands of former smokers are now living their lives free of cigarettes and tobacco thanks to our hypnosis programs. Whether you only smoke socially when you drink or if you two packs a day, we can help you quit.

Ready to quit? Many smokers have tried everything from patches to gum, pills, and counseling and have failed in the past, yet they achieve success and stop smoking with our help. Even if you’re not quite ready, we can help you get ready.

Most people find it very hard to give up smoking and stop using smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco or snuff. Smokers and Tobacco users are not only addicted to the cigarettes and nicotine, they also have very strong attachments to the habits and behaviors associated with smoking.

Many doctors in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and Smoking Cessation Professionals recommend their patients to us to help them stop smoking.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation and discover how you can improve your life and your health by stopping smoking with hypnosis! 724-934-8446

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