Pain Management through Hypnosis

Have you become dependent on drugs to ease constant pain?

A 2004 study published in the Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, suggested that hypnosis can change the way the brain processes pain signals. This change reduces brain activity that is assigned to feelings of distress while the pain sensations continue to be received. An anesthesiologist, Sebastian Schulz-Stubner, M.D., Ph.D., notes hypnosis is “approximately 65-70 percent effective against pain.”

A March 19, 2006 article in Time Magazine titled “Mind over Medicine” describes Hypnosis as “an alternative to sedation that is making a comeback in the operating room.”

Research done at the University of Iowa in 2004 noted that hypnosis can actually reduce anxiety in the pain network of the brain. This evidence was published in the December 2004 issue of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.

The Basis of Pain Management
Hypnosis can enable you to naturally release the pain blocker called endorphins into your body. The endorphins can lessen or even eliminate your suffering. Hypnosis can also help your mind tune out the pain. 

Simply illustrated, take a moment and try this experiment. Place your hand on your right knee. What do you feel? As you place your hand perhaps you can feel your hand on your knee. Or you may feel the clothing beneath your hand on your knee. Or you may feel your fingers resting on your knee. The REAL QUESTION is why didn’t you feel or notice the other things I asked UNTIL I drew your attention to them?  The reason is, your unconscious mind tuned out the sensations because they were not important. Your brain did it automatically. 

Imagine what your life would be like if you could teach your subconscious mind to tune out pain as easily as you did by noticing your hand against your knee?

Hypnosis can be used for back pain, cancer patients, arthritis patients, fibromyalgia patients and even migraines. Pain is the brain’s interpretation of a signal it received from a nerve. The gateway of these signals can be regulated by hypnosis. Being in a relaxed state, removed from feeling anxiety, desperation and other negative effects of pain, is the environment hypnosis uses to help the pain signals to be blocked to the brain. 

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