Freedom From Alcohol

Gain Greater Control over Alcohol Consumption

Can you imagine improving the way you feel about yourself and the relationships in your life?

Would you like to end the sense of helplessness and be more in control of your emotions and feelings?

Are you finally ready to stop your struggle with alcohol?

Yes, you really can gain greater control over alcohol consumption. Our hypnosis programs are safe and have been proven to be very effective with addressing issues related to alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Side effects of alcoholism and alcohol abuse can be very damaging physically and emotionally, ranging from liver disease to difficulties with relationships and your career. Many times, people turn to alcohol to help them cope with stress, tension and anxiety or to help them feel more comfortable in social environments. 

Our hypnosis programs are designed to help you address stress, tension and anxiety more directly. We can also help you to change your perspective on your life to help you move forward in a more healthy and positive way.

Why hypnosis?
Our hypnosis sessions are designed to provide an immediate sense of relaxation and relief that can be carried over into your everyday life. We will work with you one on one over a series of sessions and follow ups to help you free yourself from the cravings and desires of alcohol. Whether your goal is to stop after one or two drinks or to abstain from alcohol completely, we can design a hypnosis program for you. If you are currently participating in a rehab program or seeking counseling for alcohol abuse or consumption participating in one of our hypnosis programs would not interfere in any way with your current treatment.

Call our office to schedule your free consultation and evaluation and discover how we can help you improve your health and your quality of life with hypnosis! 724-934-8446

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