Conquer Pornography Addiction with Hypnosis

Do you feel bad about yourself?

Have your relationships suffered?

Are you wasting time and money?

Are you worried about ‘getting caught’ by a loved one, friend, or employer?

Pornography is More Than a Choice, It’s an Addiction
Porn addiction is usually a compulsive, secret obsession. Many times, those who are addicted to porn fear that their friends, family or colleagues may find them out, creating disappointment and leaving the addict feeling ashamed, empty, out of control, and worse than he or she already felt about his actions.Surprisingly, many people don’t realize that pornography addiction is a form of negative hypnosis. When this happens to you, you find your attention is locked until you escape the porn trance. It’s likely you then feel exhausted and miserable. Days, weeks, or even months go by and then you’re back at it without even realizing its drawn you back in again.

Porn is a Demanding Need that Pushes You Further and Further
Over time, pornography addictions grow. Like other types of addictions, the ‘fix’ that once satisfied you is no longer enough. To feed the need you believe you feel, you continue to look at more and more pornography, and more extreme porn, trying to escape reality but only worsening the reality from which you are trying to escape. What may start as a few minutes a day soon turns into a compulsion that consumes your time, costs you money, and ultimately controls your life and your self-dignity.

Stop the endless cycle of destruction that is pornography addiction. All of our sessions are private and completely confidential.

Please call our office at 724-934-8446 to learn more about how we can help you. Sometimes making the phone call is the most difficult part, just tell us that you would like to work on personal improvement with hypnosis and we’ll take care of everything from there.

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